Terms and Conditions

  1. Sessions are by appointment only and payment is required at the time of booking to confirm the date in our diary.
  2. Cancellations must be notified to us 48 hours prior to the shoot to enable us to reschedule. This must be by telephone to the studio or email. If no notification is received then we reserve the right to decline a refund.
  3. Once cancelled a shoot may only be rearranged once. If that too is cancelled then again we reserve the right to decline a refund and not rearrange.
  4. A model/image release form is required to be signed before the photo-shoot session can commence.
  5. Payment for images must be made at the time of ordering and before retouching work is carried out.
  6. Orders will not be placed with the printing lab until full payment has been received.
  7. Retouching is done at the studios discretion, to high industry standards. Specific requests from the client may incur extra costs.
  8. If a gallery is used, it will remain online for six weeks after the shoot. If you fail to select images in that time it will be removed and a fee incurred for reloading to the server.
  9. All orders must be collected from the studio. If this is difficult, we can arrange for a quote from a courier for the weight and size of the items ordered for you.
  10. All those under 18 years old must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for all appointments including the consultation, shoot and viewing session.
  11. Clients and any person(s) accompanying, are not allowed to take their own photographs on any camera or image capable device without written consent from martynthomasphotography.


Images will be supplied by download or digital media as jpg’s and/or printed as agreed at the viewing. The photographer will retain copyright at all times. The images must not be altered in any way from how they are presented without prior written permission of the photographer. If used online for social media, portfolios or websites, then the watermarked version must be used or a credit given to www.martynthomasphotography.co.uk. We will put some images from your shoot online. These may be copied or linked to, but must not be cropped in anyway to remove our watermark. Images must not be given away, sold, used for publication or any commercial purpose without written agreement from the photographer. We reserve the right to use images in all manner of promotional material and other output from the studio, online and in print. We will not sell images for commercial purposes without negotiation for a fee with the model. Failure to comply with any aspect of this license will result in us removing all usage rights to the images and the possibility of further legal action.