Location Scouting Forest

Looking for settings for Equine Portraits

The planned Equine portrait practise session was postponed today. Decided to make use of the time by location scouting in a nearby forest. A lot of the forest will provide some stunning backdrops to the horses but the light is variable and often too dark. The autumn ferns give a great colour variation to complement the green foliage. Tracks can provide leading lines and the trees can also provide framing.

Chloe & Libby a new partnership begins

Chloe is an event rider and has a great partnership with Libby. I will be looking forward to photographing these two as they prepare for the Eventing season. Libby is actual 17:2 and I had to get Chloe to stand on some mounting steps to be able to take this picture.

Emily & JoJo Endurance Riding

Had the opportunity to start photographing these two Endurance competitors. Emily and JoJo are a great combination and will be great to follow their journey if I can keep up.

Equine Photography Training with Emily Hancock & Hannah Freeland

At the beginning of September, I spent 2 days down in Hampshire, in the New Forest, improving my skills with two leading Equine Photographers, Emily and Hannah. The light varied from intense sun to even cloud and we managed to cover a number of locations with different horses and owners. It was a full on, two days but their knowledge was invaluable.