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Before the consultation, start thinking about your style and what you are looking for in your session. Ideally the consultation will be in person, but it can be via email or over the telephone, whichever is the most convenient to you.

After agreeing on the venue, we will confirm a date and time and if needed, help you decide on what you will be wearing on the day.

For ladies we advise you to ensure that your make-up and hair is of the highest standard and can arrange the services of our preferred make-up artist for an additional cost (payable to them on the day).

Getting to the shoot location

On the day – Have a look at Google Maps or similar for directions to the studio. Give yourself plenty of time to get here. If you are delayed then please call to tell us.

If you are over 18 years of age, then a companion is welcome to stay and have a coffee with us whilst we plan the shoot. They will not be allowed to stay and observe as this can be distracting.

If you are under 18 then we insist you are accompanied and the companion stays with you throughout the shoot.

Before your shoot – Families and children

If the session involves more than one person, try to make sure that your outfits complement one another. Bring accessories to change the look by adding a hat or scarf. Wearing layers can again change the look.

Children need to be comfortable in what they are wearing so they feel at ease and will more likely give a natural look. With children, the best shots may come early on in the session before they lose interest. Let us know in advance what is most important to you and your family, so that we will start with those first and then continue with the rest of the session.


We charge a simple £25.00 session fee for a studio shoot and include one 9″x6″ retouched high resolution print with no obligation to order. A location shoot may incur additional charges for hiring a venue if required and for travel costs. These may vary with the distance of the location. This will be arranged at the time of booking. A pre shoot consultation, photo-shoot and separate viewing is included with your booked session.

Note: A model/image release form, will require signing before commencement of all sessions.

Family Portrait Session
These are aimed at up to 2 adults and 2 children. If you have a larger family, or any other requests please enquire. Family sessions are expected to take around 60 minutes but may run over to 90.

Individual Child Portrait Session 
It is assumed each child is over the age of 1.
A child session will normally take about 45-60 minutes.

Pet Portrait Session
Your pet is often considered a member of the family. We can capture your pet alongside you or the rest of the family in the Family Portrait or let them be the main star. We love photographing any type of animal and can do on-location shoots (which may incur an additional cost) for the larger animals such as horses.

Model Portfolio Session 
This session is priced to cover one identified modelling type (see below) producing up to 10 images for ordering from. This would normally expect to take 60 minutes shoot time and includes head shots, with & without make-up and body shots. A preferred make-up artist (MUA) can be arranged for an additional cost (payable to them on the day).
A package can be arranged to include make-up, outfit and set changes over a period of sessions, if required. By adding outfit and set changes to your identified modelling type, a more comprehensive set of images can be produced for enhancing your portfolio. This would produce up to 10 images at each session for ordering from.

Before your shoot – Modelling & Fashion Style

If you are looking to start or update your Portfolio then a session can be tailored to meet your modelling type criteria. A model’s portfolio will normally comprise of 10-25 of their best prints in 8×10 or 9×12 format, including head shots with and without make up, body shots, outfit and set changes.

There are many different types of modelling and you need to identify what particular aspect of modelling you are concentrating on, so an agreed look can be arranged.

Live modelling – promoting products and brands.
Fashion modelling – probably the most recognised with modelling.
Commercial print modelling – for magazine adverts, swimsuits or portraying a specific role.
Body part modelling – such as hair, legs or hands.

Prepare your bag – You cannot bring too many clothes! Bring a range of outfits and it will allow us to style the shoot to suit the light and locations on the day. Make sure your outfits fit you well and are consistent to the style you want to show in your portfolio. Solid colours always look better than stripes which can distract from you. Remember, that a portfolio isn’t the same as a family album. Outfits that work well in a shoot are sometimes things you wouldn’t normally wear other than at the studio. Bring heels but also some flat shoes and a big coat for walking between locations.

Prepare Yourself – Don’t have a late night before the shoot and drink plenty of water in the 48 hours leading up to the session. This will give your skin a healthy glow. Ensure body hair is shaved the day before to allow your skin time to recover. If you are using our makeup artist then come clean faced and ready to be made up. Any allergies to specific products should be discussed with the stylist ahead of the shoot and be prepared to bring your own products with you. Please ensure that any tan is even across your entire body without obvious tan lines.

Prepare your ideas – Feel free to email us any ideas you have that you would like to use as inspiration before the shoot or bring tear sheets from magazines on the day. Look at the way models pose their bodies and faces, practising this if it is your first professional shoot. We can’t guarantee to replicate any shots identically, but will use them as a starting point if time and conditions allow.

 After your session

Images will be processed ready for your future viewing session. This is normally within 14 days of the photo shoot. Additional prints and options to upgrade to canvas, framed images and digital files are available at the time of the viewing. Digital files can be supplied as high resolution for printing and low resolution for web and social media use.

We have chosen the products, we think you will love, including packages that we have found most popular. However, if there is something in particular that you would like, then let us know and we will try our best to create it. Please note that image cropping will occur with some print sizes. We would love to hear from you, so please contact us for a chat or to book a photo session.

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